Academic Departments: Department of English

History of English in the higher education level can be traced back to 1918 A.D. with the establishment of Tri-Chandra College in the same year. The college was run under the affiliation of Patna University, India until the establishment of Tribhuvan University. This college launched English program from the very beginning of its emergence. In the initial years, the number of student and teaching faculty was small; almost all of the professors were from India. I.A. program was launched from 5 Bhadra, 1975 B.S. with the curriculum of Patna University. The faculty members of this department were renowned professors from the very beginning. Prof. Kshitij Chandra Chakravarti, Prof. Yedunath Khanal, Prof. Shreedhar Prasad Lohani, Prof. Taranath Sharma, Prof. D.P. Bhandari, Prof. Padma Prasad Devkota, Prof. Jaya Raj Acharya, Prof. M.L. Pradhan, Prof. K.R. Manandhar, N.N. Sinha, Prof. Yubaraj Singh Pradhan, Prof. Narendra Bahadur Basnet, Prof. Narayan Singh and Prof. Tarak Raj Ojha, are some of the notable names in this regard.

From the reliable sources and attendance record of this department, it has been clear that Yedu Nath Khanal, a renowned personality, also headed this department. Other former heads of the department are Prof. Krishna R. Manandhar, Prof. Ambika Prasad Upadhyaya, Madhav Prasad Sharma, Rajendra Prasad Chaudhari, Binod Shreevastab, and Prof. Salik Ram Shrestha. English Department, as it falls under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, aims at disseminating knowledge primarily on literature, language and linguistics. It also provides knowledge on technical communication in science faculty.

Dissemination of knowledge on multiple disciplines is a remarkable feature of this department. A student of English, after the completion of graduation level, becomes a competent and potential person as he/she learns various areas of knowledge like philosophy, religion, language, culture, history, and politics through different genres of literature. There are fifteen permanent teaching faculty and two teaching assistants working in this department at present.
There is a need of a departmental library, some computers and non-teaching staff as the department has a plan to launch an M.A. in English in the future.

Pradeep Kumar Giri, Ph.D

Shalik Ram Shrestha

Ramesh Bajracharya Ph.D.

Pradeep Man Tuladhar

Girish Prasad Singh

Unesh Sharma

Bam Dev Adhikari

Damaru Chandra Bhatta

Giri Raj Pokhrel

Amrita Parajuli

Kalyani Bhatta

Arjun Dev Bhatta, Ph.D

Toyanath Bhatta

Jeeb Narayan Yadav

Tulasi Prasad Joshi

Tara Kumar Dahal

Gunakhar Neupane