Academic Departments: Department of Microbiology

Microbiology department, a pioneer of microbiology studies in Nepal established in Tri- Chandra College, has been successfully conducting Bachelor’s and Master’s level in microbiology. This department was established in 2036 BS conducting bachelor level with the aim of producing competent microbiologists. In 2066 BS, M. Sc. level course in Microbiology (Medical) under yearly system was commenced in this department and later in 2071, M. Sc. Microbiology Program under semester system was launched.

Under this program, two disciplines, Medical and Agriculture Microbiology were conducted in 2071/2073 batch and another discipline Public Health Microbiology was introduced from 2072/2073 batch.

The teaching learning process is up to the international standard in this department. The department has been served by 9 dedicated fulltime faculties, few part time teachers and 6 non teaching staff.

This department has been pulling scores of students as the degree awarded has been attractive and regarded as a focal point of applied science. After acquiring a microbiology degree one can continue his/her studies to various disciplines related to microbiology and other courses. From our department, many of the students are persuading Masters’ as well as Ph.D. degree with full scholarships abroad.

Manju Shree Shakya Hada

Pradeep Kumar Shah

Bidhya Shrestha, Ph.D.

Shova Shrestha

Janak Raj Dhungana

Puspa Raj Dahal

Anima Shrestha

Ganga G.C.

Jyoti Amatya

Lata Ghimire

Archana Katuwal

Sarita Manandhar

Pallavi Sthapit

Roshani Maharjan

Bindu Ghimire Thapa

Shradha Basi Chipalu, Ph.D.

Sagarika Manandhar

Chenu Gangol

Charu Aryal