Academic Departments: Department of History

At the time of establishment of Tri-Chandra college, this subject had been taught in Humanities Wing. Bhairav Bahadur Pradhan has taught this subject in the late period of Rana Regime. Sardar Rudra Raj Pandey, the principal of that time was from history. He had played an important role in the establishment of the university in 2005 BS. He was appointed to construct the course of IA, BA and MA There is continuity in teaching history yet.

Former Heads of Department:

  •  Prof. Hita Narayan Jha
  • Prof. Madhav Raj Pandey
  • Prof. Rambhakta Manandhar
  • Gunadev Bhattarai(History and Culture)
  •  Ratna Raj Karnikar(History and Culture)
  • Krishna Bahadur Rajbhandari (History)
  •  Prof. Dr. Rajesh Gautam
  •  Yagya Nath Acharya
  • Bimal Kumar Sharma
  •  Mukunda Prasad Sharma
  • Dr. Gopal Dhaubanzar
  •  Prof. Dr. Gobindaman Singh Karki (Present)