Academic Departments: Department of Sociology

Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus bears a glorious academic history. It is the oldest academic institution to provide Natural and Social Science education to the students who in the history served the nation state from the different dignified posts such as ministers, government officials, university professors, and the famous figures of national and international academic arena. Masters’ program in sociology was introduced along with the separate department of sociology in 2053 BS. Since students hoped for a career and future scope in Sociology the Initial academic years were crowded with 2000 to 3000 enrollment in each academic session. Later it has limited 400 to 500 until the end of the annual system. From 2073, the semester system was introduced and the number reduced to below 200. Semester based learning systems aim to develop profound and intensive understanding of sociological theories and research methods with the current social issues and agendas.

This system of learning demands students’ active participation/presentation and regular attendance with term paper writing and internal examination for 40% evaluation. They appear in the external exams for 60% marks at the end of each semester. Rigorous study and participatory modality of learning, Evaluation in GPA grading in 5 different categories (A, A-,B+, B, B-) with 2000 full marks, 60 credit hours study for four semesters, 6 months for one semester are the fundamental features of the semester system learning. Since last year, in order to promote theoretical as well as practical grounds of research methods and techniques, in financial initiation of the Campus, we organize field visits to the students.

They work with the experienced faculty to execute research tool designed in different themes for developing a field work based short report, and is shared experiences in the review meeting usually in the evening Currently, Mr. Narayan Prasad Paudyal has been working as a coordinator of the MA program. Before this Tilak Prasad Chaulagain who retired from the office last year worked as the first coordinator and Dr. Chiranjivi Acharya who now serves as Assistant Dean of Humanities, played the role of coordinator until BS2072. Dr. Shankar Bhandari is presently serving by the post of Deputy Controller at Monitoring Directorate, TU Kirtipur. Mr Nara Prasad Koirala who presently serves as assistant Campus chief of Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, worked for four years as a MA Sociology coordinator. AjayaPoudel from our department represents as secretary of TUTA and Faculty IndrakalaBaral has been elected a member of NUTA unit of Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus. Similarly, Ganesh Bahadur Shahi was appointed as Head of Social work Department of the Campus last year. In the MA program, currently, 10 full time permanent including one Reader and 09 lecturers, two teaching assistants, and 10 part time faculty have been working in the program. Some of our faculty are trained and received degrees from national and international institutions. All the faculty are experienced and qualified for teaching, supervising dissertations, publishing research articles in national and international academic journals. Some faculty have engaged in many ongoing research projects funded by national and international agencies.

Narayan Poudyal

Nara Prasad koirala

Bimlesh Thakur

Pasang Sherpa, Ph.D.

Shankar Prasad Bhandari, Ph.D.

Mahima Singh

Deva Sapkota

Indrakala Baral

Minadevi Upreti, Ph.D.

Ajay Kumar Poudel

Ajita Sharma

Ganesh Bahadur Shahi

Balkrishna Khatri

Dharma LaxmiSiwakoti

Sheela Acharya

Dr. Narayan Satyal

Karma lama


Dil Bahadur Gurung

Shirjana Subba

Bipul Neupane

Nabin Acharya

Sunita Raut

Nirmala Dhakal

Prakash Rai