Academic Departments: Department of Zoology

Tri-Chandra College was established in 1975, Bhadra 12 (August 1, 1918) (Door of classroom were opened on 5th of Bhadra), with IA. After one year of the establishment of the college, the I. Sc. was launched from 1976 . The curriculum was that of Patna University for 41 years. BA was started from 1981 BS and B. Sc. From 2004 BS.

Former Heads of the Department :

  • Prof. Shiva Shanker Singh
  • Prof. Dwij Raj Upreti
  • Prof. Dirgha Man Baniya
  •  Prof. Dr. Chandra Prasad Gorkhali
  • Prof. Prem Lata Tuladhar
  •  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krishna Chandra Shrestha
  •  Prof. Gita Shah
  •  Assoc. Prof. Sarita Patrabansha
  •  Prof. Dr. Mala Masker
  •  Assoc. Prof. Madan Prasad Kushwaha
  •  Assoc. Prof. Ananda Prasad Pradhan
  • Assoc. Prof. Chandra Lal Joshi
  •  Prof. Dr. Surya Ratna Gubaju
  •  Prof. Dr. Shree Prasad Dhaubhadel
  •  Prof. Dr. Geeta Sharma Acharya (Present)