Department of Sociology and Anthropology was established in 1985 AD. The subjects gained its popularity within a short period of time. Master program was introduced in 1996. Initially, both Sociology and Anthropology subjects were amalgamated in a single department, however, for aiming to specialize in each subjects independently, the Department of Sociology was established in 2016.

Former Heads




Assoc. Prof. Tilak Prasad Chaunlagain (2053-2062 BS)


Assist. Prof. Sankar Prasad Bhandari (2062-2064 BS)


Assist. Prof. Dr. Chiranjivee Acharya (2064-69 BS)


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seeta Siwakoti (2069-2072 BS)


Bimlesh Thakur

Assistant Professor


Narayan Poudyal

Assistant Professor

Co-ordinator  M.A. Program

Dr. Pasang Sherpa

Associate Professor

Dr. Shankar Prasad Bhandari

Assistant Professor

Deputy Director, Office of the Monitoring Directorate – Tribhuvan University

Mahima Singh

Assistant Professor

Deva Sapkota

Assistant Professor

Birendra Bahadur Dahal

Assistant ?Professor

Dr. Minadevi Upreti

Assistant Professor

Ajay Kumar Poudel

Assistant Professor

Ajita Sharma

Assistant Professor

Nara Prasad Koirala

Assistant Professor

Assistant Campus Chief

Sheela Acharya

Assistant Professor

Dharma Laxmi Siwakoti

Assistant Professor

Indrakala Baral

Assistant Professor

Balkrishna Khatri

Teaching Assistant

Assistant Campus Chief ? Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus

Ganesh Bahadur Shahi

Teaching Assistant


Pusha Bhattarai

Head Assistant