About Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus

Tri-Chandra College was established in 1918 AD. It is the first national higher education institution in Nepal. As a leading campus, Tri-Chandra offers courses in academic disciplines of science and technology and humanities and social science at both bachelor and master levels and conducts research and project work across the full of academic activity. The campus aims to provide its students with academic environment that ensures opportunities for both intellectual development and the emplette of professional knowledge and skills.

Campus Chief is the head of the institution and responsible for the administrative, academic, and financial management of the campus. Campus Chief is appointed by Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation from Executive Council of Tribhuvan University.

Message from the Campus Chief

Nepal has been open to the rest of the world after the establishment of democratic system in February 1951. Since then, Nepal has been rapidly developing in the realm of education. Strong commitment to enhance knowledge for eradication of ignorance, illiteracy and poverty of the society with proper planning, has always been in very high demand. Thus, we have always emphasized that quality education must be accessible to all, in order to fulfill the demand of the day for social transformation and modernization.

Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, established by then Prime Minister of Nepal Chandra Sumsher- in 1918 AD to make Nepal a knowledge-based society, has inspiring, pleasing and exciting long history of more than a century. It has played a pioneer role in higher education. Education must develop among people the humanitarian aspects like cooperation, kindness, love, honesty and morality. It must prepare competitive human resource and citizens of loyal, moral and dedicating attitudes who can lead society towards progress and bright future. Tri-Chandra Campus as a dynamic living educational institution must fulfill its responsibility towards society in the true sense of the term. To fulfill the demand of the diversity of the society in knowledge and access to quality and competitive education, this campus today has been providing higher education in Science and Humanities.
Therefore, we must strongly be motivated to accomplish the demand of good quality education and research in order to understand and invent appropriate technique and technology for sustainable development. Tri-Chandra Campus has evolved, improved and adapted to the dynamic academia. We have achieved some success in the past and a lot has to be done for the future. Therefore, we have emphasized that proper education is the demand of the day for social transformation and modernization of the society. We produce educated human resources by providing quality education to the students from all backgrounds, which is the major powerful force for the development of all the dimensions of the society.

The campus has been providing significant opportunities to the faculties in order to strengthen academic quality through higher level of studies and research. In spite of overwhelming challenges, it is an immense honor for the campus to meet and exceed thousands of students expectation for their best future career. Successful education development requires a new paradigm of thought in which all social units must be brought together into all-inclusive view of lifelong educational process. It is an institution with the thinking education for all. Tri-Chandra campus aims to be the hub of the learning for those who want to delve into the field of knowledge.

We are contemplating the future endeavor of establishing a Science Research and Development Center where the research enthusiasts will be able to quench their curiosity and be able to contribute in the advancement of the nation. The alumni of the campus are achieving a great success abroad in various fields. Therefore, I feel that this is a high time to announce to make such brains stay in the country for their full contribution and participation in the development of Nepal.

As the Campus Chief, I am filled with a sense of ample pressure, pleasure and responsibility to devote all my time actively and positively for upgrading its academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities to attain the level of modern worlds standards. I am encouraged to produce truly qualified citizens for the society and the whole nation at large.

Prof. Dr. Sunil Adhikary