Academic Departments: Department of Physics

Prof. Ashutosh Sen had been specially invited from India to begin the Intermediate of Science (I. Sc.) Program here at Tri-Chandra College, Ghantaghar. One year later, this was expanded with the official addition of the two-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Program) in Physics in the premises of this college. However, it was not until 2021 BS when the Department of Physics, with Prof. Phanindra Prasad Lohani as the first Head of Department, was formerly established here in Tri-Chandra College. With the establishment of the Department of Physics, the Post Graduate/Masters level program was duly initiated. Later on, when Tri-Chandra College became affiliated to The Tribhuvan University, the Central Department of Physics shifted into the premises of Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu in 2023 BS.

The present 4 year B.Sc. Program has been running since 2069 BS and currently, there are almost five hundred students in their final year. Since the establishment of 4-year B.Sc. Program with the inclusion of final year projects, students have done outstanding works in such short times, and published several papers in international journals. Furthermore, many of them have expressed their desire to continue their study in M.Sc. Physics here in Tri-Chandra College. Unfortunately, the M.Sc. Physics Program is currently unavailable herein Tri-Chandra College. However, we the faculty, are seeking to start the M.Sc. program soon, and thus cater to the needs of our students and help produce highly qualified Scientists and Professionals to the betterment of our county. We are and have always been sincerely committed to maintaining high standards on our programs.

Presently, there are 38 permanent faculty members and additional 6 staff members in the Department of Physics here in Tri-Chandra College. The 38 faculty members comprise of 2 Professors, 7 Associate Professors, 26 Assistant Professors, and 3 Teaching Assistants. The current Head of Department of Physics in Tri-Chandra College is Prof. Dr. Nilam Shrestha Pradhan.

Former Faculties of Department:

  • Prof. Ram Dev Manandhar
  • Prof. Uma Prasad Shrestha
  • Assoc. Prof. Nirmal Pd. Shrestha
  •  Prof. Rabindra Nath Adhikari
  •  Assoc. Prof. Mukunda Maskey
  •  Padma Shakya
  •  Bidur Prasad Upadhyaya
  • Dhurba Das Mulmi
  •  Khadka Bahadur Thapa
  •  Umesh Chandra Lal Das
  •  Kamal Nayan Rauniyar
  •  Assoc. Prof. Basanta Gautam
  •  Gajendra Man Suwal
  •  Prof. Dr. Mukunda Mani Aryal
  •  Asst. Prof. Vijaya Shrestha (USA)
  • Prof. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Bhattarai (Transferred to PK Campus)
  • Prof. Dr. Bal Krishna Sapkota (Transfered to Engineering Campus.
  •  Prof. Dr. Jeevan Jyoti Nakarmi (Transferred to CDP)
  •  Assoc Prof. Shreedhar Ram Joshi
  •  Assoc. Prof. Gyan Bahadur Shrestha (Transferred to Patan M. Campus)
  •  Brayan Platel
  •  Birendra Sharma
  •  Mrs. Neelam Pradhan
  •  Binaya Shrestha
  • Gajendra Man Suwal
  • Dr. Raj Kumar Rai
  •  Dr. Prem Basnet (Canada)
  •  Dr. Sunil Sharma (USA)
  •  Dr. Gyanu Raman Acharya (USA)
  •  Prof. Dr. Ram Prasad Regmi (Transfered to CDP)
  •  Dr. Gopi Chandra Kafl e (Transferred to CDP)
  •  Ram Prasad Dhungana
  • Ashok Kumar Shah
  •  Dr. Ram Chandra Rai

Balaram Joshi has built a Vande Graff Generator in this departments and demonstrated in the Science Exhibition held in the department. He was intended to establish a center like Bhava Atomic Center in Mumbai.

Former Heads

  • Prof. Ashutosh Sen                                Starting-2012
  • Prof. Phanindra Prasad Lohani          2012-2016 &  2016-2019
  • Prof. Dr. Shanker Prasad Pradhan    2019-2022 &  2022-2025
  • Prof. Dr. Balaram Joshi                       2025-2028
  • Prof. Jagadishor M. Pradhan             2028-2031
  • Prof. Dr. Chaitanya Bdr. Shrestha     2031-2039 & 2042-2048
  • Assoc. Prof. Uttam Lal Pradhan        2039 2042, 2048-2051,2055-2058
  • Prof. Durga Devi Basnet 2051 Ashar-2051 Falgun
  • Assoc. Prof. Surendra Pd. Shrestha 2051-2054
  • Asst. Prof. Madhu Sudan Ojha 2054-2055
  • Prof. Dr. Shanker Saran Karki 2058-2061
  • Prof. Dr. Bimal Prasad Karki 2061-2071 Ashoj
  • Prof. Dr. Nilam Shrestha Pradhan 071-Present