Academic Departments: Department of Economics

Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Nepal’s first campus established in 1975, has the remarkable history of teaching Economics and forming the Department of Economics. There is believed that TC has been teachingEconomics since the date of its establishment, and made more than hundred years history of teaching learning Economics. With its teaching learning,Tri-Chandra Campus gave independent identity to the Department of Economics under the faculties of humanities and social science, which Department now runs Bachelor level and master level programs in Economics. Both of the levels offer subjects accordingly.
Subject offered in the Bachelor Level

  • Micro Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Development and Planning
  • Research Methodology
  • Monetary Economics
  • Public Economy
  • Financial System and International Economics
  • Research Method and Academic Writing
  • Elective Subject

Subject offered in the Master Level

  • Micro Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Development and Planning,
  • Research Methodology
  • Monetary Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Nepalese Economics

Optional Papers: Econometrics, International Economics, Managerial Economics

Prof Shambha Dev Pandey

Prof Naresh Man Sing

Prof. Kasishwor Parsad Sharma Pandey

Associate Prof. Hamid Ansari

Associate Prof. Dhrub dev Rai

Associate Prof Bal Ram K.C

Prof Dr.Balkrishna Upadhya

Associate Prof Dr Tej Bd. KC

Associate Prof BalRam K.C

Prof. Durga Prasad Bhandary(DP Nepali)

Prof.Nara Bahadur Thapa

Prof. Shashi Shah

Prof Tirtha Bahadur Manandhar

Prof Sahana Pradhan

Prof. Dr. Hari Bamsha Jha

Prof. Dr. Jamal Devi Manandhar

Prof Dr. Rama Bashyal

Associate Prof. Durga Siddhi Shakya Bajracharya

Associate Prof. Bal Mukunda Shrestha

Assistant Prof. Sanin Prabha Khanal

Sharmila Acharya (M.Phil)

Head of the Department Assistant professor

Mukti Bahadur khatri (M.phil)

Coordinator of MA program of Economics Assistance professor

Sabitri Adhikari,( Phd)

Associate professor of economics

Tulashi Prasad Gautam

Yam Bahadur Karki

Bal Krishna Paudel (M.phil)

Assistance professor

Nabin Khanal (M.Phil)

Assistance Lecturer

Niranjan Baral

Assistance Lecturer

Kaman Sing RC

Assistance Lecturer

Narayan K.C.

Assistance Lecturer

Pabitra Yogy

Assistance Lecturer

Tanka Karki

Assistance Lecturer