Academic Departments: Department of Anthropology

Department of Anthropology is one of the social science disciplines in Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus. The department has a long past but recent history in this campus. Anthropology was established as an independent academic discipline in 2015. Since its establishment the department has been teaching Anthropology at Bachelor and Master Level. Anthropology is a relevant and appropriate subject to the comprehensive understanding of human diversity and culture across the world.

The subject deals with human in both as a socio-cultural and biological being at present as well as in the past. The comprehension of anthropological study relies on its conventional four fields of study including Biological, Sociocultural, Linguistic, and Archeological. Wide in its scope anthropology has equipped with sophisticated and effective tool or methods of study, which is known as Ethnography. The ethnographic method enables its praticener to involve in daily lives of people, whereby gaining an understanding of people and their culture.

Seeta Siwakoti(Olee), Ph.D.

Anup Rai

Tilak Prasad Chaulagain

Sharada Sitaula Parajuli

Hom Raj Dahal

Lagan Rai

Rajendra Kumar Pandit

Tika Raj Kaini

Khadga Narayan Shrestha

Mithu Regmi Khanal

Srijana Thapaliya

Sujindra Loharang Rai

Damodar Tripathi

Bhesraj Acharya

Sreeram Subedi

Dr. Kamaraj Sharma

Sujata Aryal

Sahadev Gautam

Dr. Siva Kumar Yadav

Yagya Murti Acharya

Mohan Rai

Dorna Bahadur Sen

Bhaskar Pokhrel

Udaya Thing

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A student holding a Bachelor degree in any of the following subjects recognized by Tribhuvan University is considered eligible to apply for admission.

  • Anthropology; Sociology; Social Work; Nepalese History, Culture and Archaeology; Psychology; history; Home Science; Geography; Economics; and Political Science
  • Any discipline from faculty of education, management and law
  • Any discipline from institute of medicine, engineering, forestry, agriculture and animal science


An applicant seeking admission to M.A. Anthropology must appear in an Entrance Examination of one hour’s duration conducted by the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University. The applicant who fails to appear in the Entrance Examination or to obtain a minimum qualifying score will not be given admission. Admission of the students will be based strictly on the merit list and on the enrolment capacity of the Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus.

There is a university examination, in six months, at the end of each semester. Eighty percent of the attendance in the class is compulsory.

Evaluation will be on the basis of 40 percent internal and 60 percent external. Forty percent internal evaluation will be done by the department/faculty on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Class attendance 10 marks
  2. Class participation, discussion and presentation with précis 10 marks
  3. Term paper writing 10 marks
  4. Class test (writing) 10 marks


The 60 percent external evaluation will be done by the Dean’s office on the basis of final written examination.