Academic Departments: Department of Population Studies

The Bachelor Level of Population Studies was stated at Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus in 2002 AD under the department of Sociology and Anthropology in faculty of Humanities and Social Science. The department was separated and evolved as an independent department since 2015 AD. This department is mainly focuses on theoretical teaching and practical work as well as research activities in the field of demographic analysis, population study, population and communities, population and environment, population and health, population and gender issues, quality of life, measurement of fertility, mortality and migration, population and urbanization, reproductive health, population policies and programs activities and population management in Nepal as well as global context.

Since last 20 years, this department has produced thousands of graduates and they are presently involving in different sectors i.e. Government sectors, private sectors, non government sectors and many others research areas. Some of the graduate students went to abroad for higher study and they are working as a demographer and related expert and other fields in there.  In the beginning, the program was initiated by part time teachers. Presently, this department has two full times and one part time faculty member which are as follows;

Man Bahadur Sunuwar

Ajanta Adhikari

Keshav Thapa