Academic Departments: Department of Environmental Science

Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus started Environmental Science as the subject for the first time in 2054 BS with high aspiration, zeal and enthusiasm of the then faculties who believed that teaching of Environmental Science is a must to cater the needs of the time. They felt that the ongoing environmental scenario of the country could be improved by creating the environment warriors. Prof. Narenda Bahadur Khadka took the lead for the first time and started his tenure as the head of department in the timeline 2054-56. Since 2054 B. Sc., Department of Environmental Science, TC has been creating thousands of environmental warriors who are now working far and wide outside the country and in various nooks and corners of the country. They are serving in the governmental, non- governmental organization, educational institutions and the like. Many are already in the leading position in very reputed organizations as well.

This department started with very few students, small lab rooms, less human resources but now it has an average class size of 300 students, has two laboratories, two classrooms, 6 full time faculties, over 23 part-time faculties and has moderate status of lab equipment. The number of enrollment of students in B.Sc. I year for 2073/074 is more than 750. This rate of enrollment has been steadily increasing from past years.


1. Orientation program is organized in every starting of B.Sc. First, Second, Third and Fourth Years.
2. Project has been achieved from UGC for organizing a workshop on Instrumentation related to B.Sc. practical.

3. B.Sc. Practical Manual (3 years) has been prepared. This activity was funded by Dean Office.

4. A research was carried on Environmental Status of Rani Pokhari, this was funded by Ministry of Science and Technology, jointly with TUTA

5. Department of Environmental Science (DoES), TC has been participating and contributing in preparation and finalization of syllabus of B.Sc.

6. DoES, TC provided training to the volunteers of NRCS on solid waste

7. DoES, TC has been participating and organizing various activities during World Environment Day.

8. DoES, TC is also participating actively and taking lead on preparation of Four year B.Sc. program Practical manual.


Since its establishment six head of departments have already served this department and the current HoD is Mr. Kishor Kumar Maharjan. The new lead of the department anticipates better status of the department, qualified students, energetic and active faculties and is planning accordingly to achieve this aim.
Chronological Order Year Name of Head of Department (HoD)

  • First 2054-2056 Prof. Narendra Bahadur Khadka
  • Second 2056-2060 Prof. Dr. Rejina Maskey
  • Third 2060-2062 Prof. Dr. Sadhana Pradhananga
  • Fourth 2062-2066 Assoc. Prof. Deepak Chhetry Karki
  • Fifth 2066-2070 Assoc Prof. Mukunda Raj Paudel
  • Sixth 2070-2073 Assoc. Prof. Deepak Chhetry Karki
  • Seventh (Current) 2073-till now Asst. Prof. Kishor Kumar Maharjan

Kishor Kr. Maharjan

Dandapani Adhikari Ph.D

Deepak Chhetry Karki

Dipesh Raj Pant

Kamal Raj Gosai

Rajeshwori Pradhan